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Health and Healthcare


To purchase and convert a double decker bus (bus) into a mobile dental clinic. The bus will be equipped with accessories to access electricity from external sources and full complement of dental equipment including 2 dental chairs, waiting area, digital patient registration/management & imaging system, Wi-Fi, autoclave, compressors, vacuum pumps, a contained water supply and its own electric generator.

The mobile dental clinic is expected to provide a full range of oral treatments including emergency pulpectomy, deep scaling, root planning and minor oral surgery.


Once completed, the mobile dental clinic will be able to treat approximately 100 patients per week for 50 weeks annually. The mobile dental clinic will provide treatment at affordable cost. For the 1st year, the mobile dental clinic aims to operate at Klang Valley area and other identified locations as follows:

No Targeted Areas Estimated no of patients
1 Rumah Orang Tua Cheras & Ulu Kelang 300
2 Pusat Orang Kurang Upaya seluruh negara 2,000
3 Pusat-Pusat Special Olympics 3,000
4 Pusat Jagaan 450
5 Perkampungan Orang Asli 8,000
6 Pusat PERKIM 3,000
7 Penjara-Penjara, Estet-estet, Kampung Nelayan & Perkampungan Baru 5,000
8 Pusat-Pusat Anak Yatim 4,000
Total 25,750

Breakdown Cost

The estimated cost to purchase the bus and to equip with the full complement of dental equipment.

No Item Cost (RM)
1 Purchasing of double decker bus
i. Chassis
ii. Body E138D
2 To purchase and install the full complement of dental equipment and accessories to access electricity from external sources 66,000.00
3 Split type aircond 9,000.00
4 Side awning 12,000.00
5 Sterile room 14,000.00
6 Registration area 9,000.00
7 Dental support 20,500.00
8 Pantry area 7,500.00
9 Others
a. Solar power exhaust fan system
b. Portable aircond 1.5hp
c. 4 days User Acceptance Test (UAT) for the bus @ 20pax
10 Wall Bench Cabinet 110,000.00
Total 1,106,000.00

Kick off Date

12 September 2019

Appointed Contractor by PWS

  • Contractor : SKS Coachbuilders Sdn Bhd

JMC Members


Committee Member
1. SS Dato' Setia Haji Mohd Tamyes bin Abdul Wahid - Mufti of Selangor
2. Datin Paduka Ungku Arfah Ungku Tahir - Director, PWS
3. Ustaz Anuar Hamzah Tohar - Deputy CEO, PWS
4. Ustaz Azizi Che Seman - Chairman, Shariah Committee, BMMB
5. Ustaz Dr. Mohd Hafiz Fauzi - Head, Dakwah, Wakaf & Zakat Department, BMMB

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