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To construct a 3-storey building for Maktab Mahmud, Alor Setar, Kedah for the purpose of hostel and guest house. It will be built on a waqf land located at Lot 3716 Bandar Alor Setar, Kota Setar, Kedah, approximately 1.5 kilometers away from Maktab Mahmud.

For information, Maktab Mahmud (School) is a well-known secondary education institution with excellent track record in Islamic education. Due to high demand from parents across the country to send their children to the School, the current hostel is unable to cater the needs of all students.


Once completed, the hostel is expected to accommodate a minimum number of 150 students at any one time for the School. The hostel will be converted to homestay or guesthouse during school break to generate income. The income will be used as an operating cost for the School. This project is expected to benefit the community through job creations related to facility management as well as tourism.

Breakdown Cost

Below is the estimated cost to construct a 3-storey building.

No Item Cost (RM)
1 Preliminaries 100,000.00
2 Piling Works 150,000.00
3 Building Works 1,484,880.00
4 Mechanical & Electrical Works 150,000.00
5 Site clearing and earthwork 10,000.00
6 Demolition existing building & fencing 3,000.00
7 Main water supply 3,000.00
8 Sewerage and IST 5,000.00
9 Drain and Culvert 22,500.00
10 Road entrance 8,000.00
11 Procurement of 2 gates and installation 10,000.00
12 Security fencing 25,800.00
13 Loose furniture 150,000.00
14 Professional fee 212,218.00
15 Service Tax 12,733.08
16 Contribution fee to local & utility authority 20,000.00
Total 2,367,131.08

Kick off Date

11 November 2019

Appointed Contractor by MAIK Kedah

  • Contractor: RashdanmdSalleh Architect

JMC Members

Professor Dato' Dr. Mohd Fakhruddin Abdul Mukti - President, World Association for Al-Azhar Graduates Malaysia

Committee Member
1. SS Dato' Sheikh Fadzil Haji Awang - Mufti of Kedah
2. Dato' Setia Jaya Dato' Paduka Sheikh Hasbullah Haji Abd Halim - Deputy Yang Dipertua MAIK Kedah
3. Dato' Haji Abd Rahman Haji Ismail - Secretary of MAIK Kedah
4. Muhamad Radzuan Ab Rahman - Head, Credit Management, Bank Muamalat
5. Azman Mohd Shuib - Manager, Regional Office, Bank Muamalat

Project Progress