myWakaf initiative is a collective effort facilitated by the Association of Islamic Banking and Financial Institutions Malaysia (AIBIM), with the participation of the current ten Islamic banks who are members of AIBIM. Together, we aim to empower the community through waqf initiatives. We strongly believe that Islamic banks should offer more than just conventional ways of doing business, and we take pride in providing a unique facility that revolutionizes waqf collections.




myWakaf is on the cutting edge of translational waqf collection where Islamic States Religious Council (SIRCs) are able to tap on a larger pool of potential contributors. With close collaboration between SIRCs and Islamic Banks, myWakaf believes it can make a substantial contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of the waqf project.

Why we are different

  • Trusted Brand

    Each bank has its own unique story. The bank have made their mark in the country and assisted thousands of people with various banking products and services, these trusted brands have now decided to join forces under the brand of myWakaf.

  • Good Corporate Governance Culture

    As a banking institutions, all the six (6) banks are regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia. Together under myWakaf, the banks bring along the best corporate governance culture in managing this initiative.

  • Check and Balance

    Joint Management Committee (JMC) is a Committee established between the Lead Bank and the SIRC partner. The membership of the committee is of senior and reputable individuals from both organizations. This would serve as check and balance in managing the project.

  • Transparent

    Any new development of the project will be regularly update via myWakaf portal and Facebook in a details report.

  • Easy and Convenience

    Join force of the 6 banks allow myWakaf to offer various channel of collection across the country. Donor may choose to pay online via JomPAY or Internet Transfer or contribute offline via participated Bank Branches.

  • Our Experience

    Various project previously done by participating bank among others are Wakaf Selangor Muamalat (Bank Muamalat), Wakaf Perak Ar-Ridzuan (Maybank Islamic), Menara Imarah Wakaf MAIWP and Taman Wakaf Seetee Aisah Pulau Pinang (Bank Islam).

myWakaf Donation Journey

Choose a Project

The projects would be from four (4) different sectors, namely Education, Economic Empowerment, Health, and Investment. All participating SIRC will list one project for its state in this strategic collaboration. New projects will be added from time to time.

Choose Method of Payment

There are various methods of payment available such as JomPAY, Internet Biller, and ATM Transfer.

Make Your Donation

When you have decided on which project to donate, transfer your contribution to the dedicated project account.

Your contributed money will be maintained under a “Trust Account” owned by the respective SIRCs. The Bank and SIRC would not has any control over the money and will only act upon direction given by the Joint Management Committee (JMC).

Utilisation of the Fund

Joint Management Committee (JMC) is a Committee established between the Lead Bank and the SIRC partner.

JMC will meet on regular basis to decide on the following:-

  • #1 Where and When to use the fund. The JMC might decide to invest the collected contributions prior to achieving the targeted amount for the execution of the project. The funds will be disbursed to the project as and when needed.

  • #2 Marketing strategy during the collection phase. Banks and SIRCs will jointly boost the marketing campaign to ensure funds collected are sufficient and achievable in a timely manner.

  • #3 Status update on the project will be regularly updated. JMC will update the latest progress of each projects to the myWakaf secretariat.

Regular Update on Waqf Collected and Progress of the Project

Your waqf journey will not end after the contribution has been transferred. You are able to keep track on the development of the waqf project of your choice from time to time via the myWakaf portal.