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Sarawak, Malaysia

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The name Al-Bait was proposed by Tabung Baitulmal Sarawak, which literally means "house". The name is also in line with Tabung Baitulmal Sarawak, which contains the word "Bait".

Rumah Wakaf Habibah, Kuching is the beneficiary under this project. Rumah Wakaf Habibah is a collaboration between Tabung Baitulmal Sarawak (TBS) and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Baiturrahmah, Kuching (PKB). TBS provides the wakaf premise whilst the operation is handled by PKB.

Rumah Wakaf Habibah is established to nurture and provide Islamic education to the children who mainly are reverts (muallaf) and orphans. Currently14 children from rural areas in Sarawak are under their care. The institution operates primarily on public donations.

Problem Statement

There are many privately operated Tahfiz schools and charitable institutions that require further improvements to operate more efficiently.

The project aims to help the beneficiaries with the costly, but necessary capital expenses - such as making structural changes such as building emergency exits to comply with fire safety requirements and purchasing a vehicle for transportation of the children.


Rumah Wakaf Habibah (managing 14 children) i. A van was purchased on 13 January 2020 for daily transportation of the children to school. ii. The house has been fully upgraded on 15 October 2020 which has resulted in a more conducive and safer environment.

Breakdown Cost

No Item Cost (RM)
1 Preliminaries 7,789.00
2 Demolish works 3,684.00
3 New cement board partition wall 16,548.00
4 Electrical works 5,140.00
5 Ground floor renovation 12,105.00
6 Safety staircase 18,368.00
7 New toilet area and septic tank 73,029.00
8 New classroom 63,256.00
9 Design Fee 6,667.00
Total 206,586.00

Purchase Van

No Item Cost (RM)
1 Golden Dragon Van 85,000.00
Total 85,000.00

Kick off Date

27 March 2018

Appointed Contractor by TBS

  • Contractor : Bela Sempurna Sdn Bhd

JMC Members

Chairman Datuk Haji Abg Mohd Shibli Haji Abg Mohd Nailie - Chief Executive Officer, TBS
Committee Members: 1. Bolhassan Iskandar Taibi - Deputy Chief Executive Officer, TBS 2. Sulaiman Haji Mahili - Head, Finance Sector, TBS 3. Abg Faisal Haji Abg Marzuki - Head, Development Sector, TBS 4. Dato' Adissadikin Ali - Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, RHB Islamic 5. Ahmad Rizal Lope Zainal Abidin - Deputy Chief Executive Officer, RHB Islamic 6. Ahmad Mukarrami Ab Mumin - Head, Shariah Advisory Division, RHB Islamic 7. Othman Ahmad - Head, Business Innovative Solutions, RHB Islamic

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