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Perak, Malaysia

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Boat waqf was created to improve the standard of living and economy of fishermen, especially coastal fishermen. WPAR funds will be used to provide boats and equipment including engines, trawlers and sonar to enable fishermen to explore deeper sea areas and thus increase their catch. Beneficiaries of this project are coastal fishermen. WPAR funds will be used to purchase bots and equipments and will be handed over to Fisheries Association / Cooperative as Project Manager for use to fishermen. Some of these rental proceeds will be used for the maintenance of the boat and some will be turned into a round capital fund to build a new boat. The boat wakaf model will provide the fishermen with the benefit of the fishermen and enhance the competitiveness of the Muslim community cooperatives with the addition of ownership of the boat ie the boat.


Problem Statement

There are 8,000 fishermen registered in Perak and the majority are Muslim Bumiputeras. However, less than 1% of fishermen communities with high capacity boats are Muslim bumiputeras in Perak. As a result, this fisherman community is unable to empower the family economy and compete in the fishing industry in Perak. Statistics show that only 6% of the fishermen community in Malaysia with household income of RM1,000 - RM1,200. While the majority of them are only 41% earning around RM500 and 29% of them earning below RM400. It is therefore clear that these fishermen, especially Muslim Bumiputeras, should be given assistance to enable them to generate income that can improve their economy.


Impact Project

Fishermen are able to empower the family economy and compete in the fishing industry in Perak, Fishermen can rent boats at a lower rate than normal rates, Help fishermen gain maximum profit, and Cultivate Muslims to berwakaf to help brothers and sisters.


JMC Members

Dato Mohamed Rafique Merican Mohamed Wahiduddin Merican - CEO, MIB

Committee Member:
1.Shahrul Azam Shaari - CEO, MAIPk
2.Wan Maizura Wan Zahari - Deputy CEO, MAIPk
3.Ustaz Munawwaruzzaman Mahmud - Head of Shariah Management, MIB
4.Mohd Idham Baharum - Head of Islamic Global Market, MIB

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