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There are newly reverts who suffer after reverting to Islam such as the lack of basic facilities like shelter, after being rejected by family members, friends and neighbours. The Mualaf Center is the starting point for providing new brothers to the life of self-sufficiency, thus giving the strength to istiqomah in Islam because Islam is conscious of the welfare of its ummah and there are some kind of support brothers and sisters.


Problem Statement

There are among new believers who suffer from severe tests after converting to Islam such as the lack of basic facilities such as shelter due to disqualification by family members, friends and neighbors.


Impact Project

Mualaf Centre will provide shelter to newly revert before entering into a new life of self-sufficient, thus giving strength to mualaf be istiqomah in Islam, as Islam takes care of its ummah and there are also support from fellow brothers and sisters in Islam.


JMC Members

YBM Tan Sri Dato Tengku Mohamad Rizam Tengku Abdul Aziz - - Tengku Temenggung Kelantan/ Yang Dipertua MAIK

Committee Member:
1. SS Dato Hj Mohd Shukri Mohamad - Mufti of Kelantan
2. Tn Hj Zulkifle Hj Ab Rahman - Deputy Yang Dipertua MAIK
3. Dr. Luqman Hj Abdullah - Councilor of MAIK
4. Nik Mohd Hashim Abd Hamid - Northern Regional Manager, BMMB
5. Ustaz Dr Mohd Hafiz Fauzi - Head of Dakwah, Wakf & Zakat Department, BMMB

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